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Seating Assignment – Overrides

Assigning Seating

Event organizers can modify the seating assignments of the event attendees after ticket purchases. This is helpful for organizers who wish to begin selling tickets prior to finalized venue/seating layout design.


  1. Login to Eventpasshero
  2. Goto Manage Events
  3. Select the Event
  4. Go to the Assign Seating sub-menu
  5. Update the Seating Override input field to modify the seating assignment for any ticket and click Update Seating to save the change for that ticket.

Sending Email with Seat Assignment

Note: You can email seating assignments to any of your attendees.

  1. Check the checkbox in the Email Seating? column next to the attendee you’d like to notify.
  2. Click the Email Seating Assignment button and click Submit to send email.
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