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Check-in Via the App (Android/Apple)

Streamline the Event Check-in Process

The Eventpasshero Organizer App streamlines the check-in process for event organizers. As attendees approach entry, the event organizer scans the QR code of their ticket for fast validation and entry.

Note: It is always good idea to download and print the attendee list as a backup.


  1. Download the Eventpasshero Organizer App 
  2. Log in using your Eventpasshero userid and password
  3. Select the Event
  4. Use your device’s camera to scan the QR codes on tickets
  5. Or manually look up attendees to check them in.

Adding additional staff to check-in attendees

  1. Log in to Eventpasshero web site
  2. Go to Manage Events
  3. Select the Event
  4. Go to the Staff tab
  5. Add the userids and/or email of registered users that you’d like to grant event check-in authority.
  6. Save the Event.
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