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Member (Sales) Accountability

Track Sales Generated by Your Org Members

Event organizers can harness the power of Tracking Links for accurate accounting of ticket sales generated by specific members of their organization. 

Each member is given access to special Sharer Tool webpage. That webpage is personalized to that specific member and includes a link and QR code that can be shared across social media, texts, and emails to generate event ticket sals.

The Sharer Tool webpage also gives the member insight into the sales they have generated with charts and tables.


  1. Login to Eventpasshero
  2. Goto Manage Events
  3. Select the Event
  4. Go to the Marketing sub-menu
  5. Go to the Configure->Member Accountability  tab
  6. Set a per member Sales Target and Import your member emails
  7. Go to the Member Accountability tab to view/distribute reports. 
  8. Click Email Report To Member to distribute the report and personalized Sharing Tool links to all your members.
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