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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Eventpasshero makes everything easy for event organizers and patrons. These are answers to the most common questions about the platform.

General Question

Eventpasshero is the one-stop integrated platform for events and fundraisers driven to help its customers amplify their brand and execute wildly successful events. With Eventpasshero, event organizers can create an events and enables online ticket sales and promotion.

  • Fees are based on ticket sales – so, if your event is free, using Eventpasshero is free.
  • Our service fee for online ticket sales is 2.75% of the ticket price plus $1.25 for each ticket sold.
  • Eventpasshero is partnered with Stripe, as the payment processing service. Stripe authorizes credit/debit cards, captures the transactions, and transfers your money to you. Stripe’s payment processing is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.
  • Service fees and payment processing fees are passed along to your ticket buyers.
  • Have further questions? Get more details on our Pricing page.
Once you sign up on Eventpasshero, you will complete a wizard to onboard Stripe Connect. You’ll have to supply them with information about your business and bank account. Approximately 2 to 3 days after each online purchase, the payment processing service will transfer the net proceeds of each sale (minus fees) to your account.
For each event you run, you’ll use a “wizard” to complete the entry of all details, including the event name, date, location, the types of tickets available for sale, and their prices. You’ll also get to decide who will cover the fees (you or the buyers) and select the payment processing service. Once all that’s done, you’ll publish your event.
Your event page has a public URL on our site. You can share that URL on social media, via email campaigns, or any other way to promote your event. When buyers reach that page, they’ll learn about your event and be able to purchase tickets.

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