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Eventpasshero Affiliate Program

Earn Commissions Through Our Affiliate Program

Are you ready to join the ranks of the Eventpasshero Affiliates, a team of superheroes on a mission to help event organizers create the perfect event? With the power of the Eventpasshero platform and its advanced features at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.


But the real secret to success as an Eventpasshero Affiliate is the referral based affiliate program. By referring other event organizers to sign up for the platform, you can earn residual commissions for an entire year. Earn 0.5% commission for 1 full year on all of the event organizer’s ticket sales transactions. Enjoy the premium  commission rate of 1.0%  applied to ticket sales during the organizer’s first 90 days. And the best part? These commissions transferred immediately to your Stripe account and paid out to your bank every 2 days. You can easily track and receive your earnings.


So if you’re ready to join the fight against event planning woes and become a hero in your own right, join the Eventpasshero Affiliate program today. With your expertise and the power of the referral based affiliate program, you’ll be able to help event organizers create truly memorable events.
Read the Affiliate Partner Agreement under User Agreements of Terms of Service

Commission Schedule

Referral Tier Tier Desc. Duration Commission Rate
Tier 1
Affiliate earns commission for referred user's ticket sales within 90 days
Up to 90 days after referred user registers
1.0% of referred user's ticket sales
Tier 1
Affiliate earns commission for referred user's ticket sales after 90 days
Day 91 after referred user registers, until day 365
0.5% of referred user's ticket sales
Tier 2
Affiliate earns commission for ticket sales made by referred user's referral
Up to 365 days after indirect referral registers
0.20% of indirect referral's ticket sales

Note: Commission rates are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Eventpasshero.

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