Fraternities, Sorrorities, Non-Profits, Civic Clubs.... hold your members accountable for selling their fair share of tickets.

Organization member sales tracking allows event organizers to track the ticket sales of individual members within their organization, helping them to meet quotas and sales goals for fundraisers and other events. Below is an example daily “accountability email” that is distributed to your members to encourage them to meet their event ticket sales target.

In an real report, the Hero Codes are clickable links that take them to a personalized Sharer page with all the tools needed to share their tracking link on social media. The Sharer page also has details about the member’s actual sales to date.

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Ticket Sales Accountability Report

2023 Foundation Gala Presented by Civic Org ABC

Reminder: Members are responsible for a minimum of $300 in ticket sales. View

Overview: Out of 59 Members, ✅ 27 have fufilled their duty while ❌ 32 continue working on it.

The following Members have fufilled their duty to sell $300+ tickets

Greater than or equal to $300

Name Sales Hero Code
Jenna Smith $450.00smithj
Samantha Jones $360.00jonesa
Michael Thompson $550.00thompsonm
Emily Williams $1,000.00williamse
Jason Thompson $500.00thompsonj
Stephanie Johnson $960.00johnsons
Trevor Smith $800.00smitht
Jessica Thompson $250.00thompsonj
Evan Smith $500.00smith12
Samantha Brown $300.00browns5
Jason Thompson $450.00thompsonj
Katie Williams $600.00williamsk
David Johnson $500.00johnsond
Emily Davis $400.00davise
Jessica Nguyen $300.00nguyenj
Alex Rodriguez $400.00rodrigueza
Samantha Williams $550.00williamss
Jason Kim $800.00kimj
Tina Johnson $450.00johnsont
David Patel $750.00pateld
Emily Chen $600.00chenm
Max Wilson $400.00wilsonm
Katie Thompson $700.00thompsonk
Samuel Smith $500.00smiths
Megan Davis $450.00davism
Christopher Garcia $650.00garciac
Mia Rodriguez $550.00rodriguezm

The following Members are still working hard to fufill their duty to sell $300+ tickets

Less than $300

Name Sales Hero Code
Samantha Smith $250.00smiths
Jason White $200.00whitej
Amy Rodriguez $290.00rodrigueza
Michael Johnson $280.00johnsonm
Emily Williams $275.00williamse
David Thompson $265.00thompsond
Megan Kim $270.00kimm
Jessica Brown $250.00brownj
Samuel Davis $150.00daviss
Emily Smith $180.00smitha
Sarah Johnson $160.00johnsons
Michael Perez $175.00perezm
Katie Williams $180.00williamsk
Jason Brown $150.00brownj
David Rodriguez $190.00rodriguezd
Samantha Taylor $170.00taylors
Javier Lopez $45.00lopezj
Giselle Thompson $30.00thompsong
Nate Williams $15.00williamsn
Samantha Kim $5.00kims
Evan Roberts $50.00robertse
Megan Johnson $0.00johnsonm
Jason Patel $50.00patelj
Alexandra Rodriguez $25.00rodrigueza
Benjamin Johnson $0.00johnsonb
Katie Williams $0.00williamsk
James Smith $0.00smithj
Emily Brown $0.00browne
Ryan Davis $0.00davisr
Samantha Johnson $0.00johnsons
Timothy Thompson $0.00thompsont
Alexa Roberts $0.00robertsa

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