Sheldon Martinez Davis known by his stage name Natalac, is an African-American rapper, singer, actor, trucker and owner of Natalac Records and Natalac Express, a Freight & Cargo shipping company. He is famous for being a Pioneer of the genre Pimp Hop / Pimp rap in Southern hip hop & for his records Aint Nothin Like a Pimp thats Pimpin, Rates, Fire in Florida, Respect My Pimpin, Step Daddy and Pimp of the City to name a few. Natalac prefers playing in the U.S.A. and has been included in many projects and ventures. Natalac is the only rapper that made his video STAAACKS in a real bank during Business hours with his own money, and he is the only rapper that drives his own 18 wheeler to his events and performances while delivering freight.

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